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You are not a bad mom...

Worst Moms in History

In no particular order…

1. Susan Smith – Drove her car into a lake with her 2 children inside and claimed a black man car jacked her. You are the problem, Susan!

2. Mary Ball Washington – George Washington’s mother was not a supporter of her son. She bad-mouthed America and was a supporter of England’s King George III. She also claimed she was destitute and asked the government for financial support even though George provided it for her. Thanks for the support mom!

3. Lenore Skenazy – She is responsible for the Free-Range Kid movement. She allowed her 9-year-old to ride the subway in New York City by himself and play outside unsupervised. She claimed she didn’t want to teach children that they were in constant danger. She wrote a 2009 book Free-Range Kids to share her thoughts. She was visited by the NYPD multiple times. I am leaning more towards lazy mom!

4. Katherine Knight – Stabbed her husband 37 times, decapitated him, and used his body parts to make soup that she then served to her children. My question is: Did they eat it? If mom could get them to eat dad, then maybe veggies were not a problem!

5. Andrea Yates – Drowned all 5 of her children. She was already diagnosed with postpartum depression and psychosis and was suicidal, so they left her alone with her kids. In all seriousness, mental health is so important and supporting mothers is essential to avoid situations like this.

6. Patricia Krentcil aka Tanning Mom – Took her 5-year-old tanning causing severe sunburns to the child. Also, she was orange…yuck!

7. Cersei Lanister – The Queen mother in Game of Thrones – All 4 of her children were murdered, indirectly, by her doings. Her son, King Joffery, was the worst person in the history of people. He was so hated that he had to quit acting altogether because of the hate he got from that role. She herself was crushed by a castle so alls well that ends well.

8. Mary Ann Cotton – Was a nurse in 19th century UK who ended up poisoning 11 of her 13 children, all 4 husbands, 2 lovers and 2 other people with Arsenic. She was hanged in 1873. I think it was best.

9. Casey Anthony – Accused of daughters Caylee’s death but was found not guilty. People were surprised at her lack of grief and partying after her daughter went missing. My thoughts are that she knows what happened to her daughter.

10.Ethel Marion Milne – She was the stage mom of all stage moms. She plied her daughter with pills to keep her “on” for performances. She was responsible for her daughter’s addiction that was her ultimate demise. She was Judy Garland’s mother. Judy is one of my all-time favorites, so I definitely think of her mom as bad!

11.Marie Noe – Her story is the biggest case of infanticide in history. She smothered 8 of her children and claimed SIDS. She was not arrested until the age of 71 years. She spent no time in jail for her crimes, as her punishment was to be studied by experts to see why she was the way she was. She was never studied and never served any time for her crimes. Worst mom ever!

12.Nadya Suleman aka Octomom – She was a mother of 6 who did IVF and had surviving octuplets. She was not employed and ended up receiving government assistance for her 14 kids. She had tons of plastic surgery and became a porn star. How irresponsible!

You are not a bad mom! The mothers above are BAD MOMS! Your babies are loved and cared for and fed (not people). They are alive and well and you are doing a better job than these mothers. Cut yourself some slack!

Happy Mother’s Day to All!!!

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