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Weight Loss Ideas

Weird Weight Loss Ideas

1. Smell bananas and apples – To tempt yourself

2. Eat off blue plates and they will suppress your appetite - Sure...

3. Eat in front of a mirror – To see your shame – No thanks!

4. Drink hot water – Yum! So filling.

5. Use cash to pay for food – No cash equals no food

6. Eat with others – You end up eating less

7. Ice Diet – Eat 9lbs of ice to burn 1 lb

8. Eat 10 less calories daily = 1 lb lost in 3years – Great I can be at my ideal weight in 90 years!

9. Essential oils – Do these really do anything? Why do people use these?

10. Take cold showers and freeze the pounds off though shivering – Almost as stupid as

sweating it off

11. Eat with your non-dominate hand – Oh I get it…you spill everywhere so you eat less

12. Wear active wear to motivate yourself – If this were true I would be working out all the time

13. Light vanilla candles after meals – So I want something sweet to eat???

Ideas that may actually work

1. Eat your healthy foods first – Don’t leave your veggies until last, eat them first

2. Eat off smaller plates – Makes sense, less to eat

3. Drink a glass of water before each meal – Fill yourself with water to eat less – Just don’t get H20 poisoning

4. Green tea before bed – It has caffeine but maybe sleepy time tea

5. Wear a pedometer - I think this is true because you want to get that 10,000 steps a day (I’m rocking 3,000 steps a day since I sit at a desk all day)

6. Chew more– As Danny Tanner said, chew each bite 20 to 30 times

7. Eat more often and smaller portions – yeah yeah yeah

8. Eat spicy foods – Probably because you drink a bunch and fill yourself up

9. Eat Peanut Butter before bed – I don’t think this works, but it lets me eat peanut butter in bed so I’m in

10. Meal Plan to avoid eating out – This seems easy but I just can’t get there

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