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Not World's Greatest...

So, I'm not the World's Greatest Mom...I am more like the World's Okayest Mom. Below are some reasons why I am just okay:

  1. Cora fell off the couch like 3 times when she was a baby

  2. Charlie ate a bleach wipe (well put in his mouth). I didn't call poison control I just put one in my mouth too to see if I died

  3. I do let the tv babysit my kids...momma needs a break sometimes. Screen time is a blessing at our house. Oh, and my kids watch You Tube.

  4. Give kids melatonin to sleep. (But for real okayed with doctor)

  5. I serve Ramen noodles for dinner at least once a week

  6. Don't brush Cora's hair every day. She gets major bed head and tangles and sometimes I send her to daycare with crazy hair or I will put her matted hair in a pony and pretend it's fine

  7. Charlie pooped on the kitchen floor when he was a baby and ate it. In my defense, I tried to stop him. Yuck!

  8. I laugh when my kids curse instead of being stern and scolding them. I'm sorry its funny. I do tell them not to say it at daycare or school.

  9. Give gummy vitamins maybe once a week...I'm trying ok

  10. Give them my phone for some moments of quiet

Not great... am I right? But the reasons below make up for it:

  1. They eat multiple times daily

  2. They have all of their vaccinations

  3. I did buy a purple shirt for Charlie for field day

  4. I do the kids laundry every week, so they have clean clothes

  5. I wipe butts regularly...this should count as 2 reasons

  6. Cora likes asparagus and broccoli! Definite mom win!

  7. I play board games with my kids almost every night before bed

  8. I stock up on their favorite snacks

  9. Bathe them occasionally

  10.  I cuddle and kiss them EVERYDAY and tell them I love them!

I may not be the World's Greatest Mom, but I am ok and that works for us!

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