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It's quiet...

It's 9:15am on a Saturday and its quiet. I am sitting on the couch with a computer and no one is climbing on me asking to use the "puter." No one is pushing buttons or spilling my cup of tea. Did I mention it's quiet. My kids are not here. They spent the night with their Nana (aka Kathy one of our fabulous daycare people). Jim and I had a night without kids and it was awesome.

We binged watched inappropriate shows for children and were not interrupted by crying or someone wanting to watch Octonauts instead. We ate at a restaurant. Casually. We drank alcohol. I took a long shower and didn't stick my head out to listen for anyone crying. We stayed up until after 11pm!!! We slept in a bed for 9 hours with no one kicking us or yelling "Mommy!" or "Mamamamama!" We woke up slowly and lounged in bed. Now, Jim is cooking breakfast and I am writing this blog post. It's quiet. We keep commenting on how quiet it is and how its so different without the kids. We miss that weird? Its been only 24 hours since I've seen them but I miss my babies. I am enjoying the quiet though...its deafening.

We still have a couple hours before we pick up the kiddos. Maybe I'll read or do my paint by number that Charlie always wants to "help" with or just sit quietly with my thoughts. Once they are back it will be a whirlwind again, but Jim and I needed some time to just be us. I think all parents do once in a while. A break from thinking about everyone but ourselves. We need to do it more often. My next move is trying to figure out how to be all alone, just me for 24 hours...I can't even imagine...

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