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I am in tears...

Good tears. Charlie just ran up to me his face was all red and he was crying actual tears. I asked him what was wrong. He told me "hes out in space and will never see his friends again." What? I went out into the living room to try and see what he was talking about because I didn't understand. He was watching a cartoon on You Tube about a little blue guy who sacrificed himself for his friends. He went out into space to fix their spaceship knowing he could not come back onto the ship. He saved his friends and drifted away into space (yes this was kid You Tube). Charlie was crying because "he's out in space and will never see his friends again". He was so sad that the little blue guy was alone in space. This caused me to ball as I tried to comfort him. It is amazing to see who your children become as they grow in to their own personalities. Tonight Charlie showed he is compassionate for others and I am so proud. He is becoming an amazing little man and I am so thankful for him. Mom win!

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