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Cabin Fever with fevers...

After 2 years it finally happened; I got Covid. It started on a Wednesday evening, I thought it was allergies because my nose was running, and I kept sneezing. My parents came by for a quick visit and we headed to bed. I was awake all night with congestion, and I was tired but couldn’t get comfortable and fall asleep. At about 5 am I thought, I am just going to take a test to be safe. That test lit up like the fourth of July. I had Covid. Then I looked at the box and the test was expired, so I took another one and it lit up like the fourth of July. I definitely had Covid. I felt awful. I texted the daycare and they said the kids couldn’t come for the rest of the week and my husband had to work so it was me and the kids. I was in bed all day with the kids crawling all over me. I was so tired and miserable. I hadn’t been this sick since I had the Swine flu back in 2009.

I spent Friday and Saturday in isolation in my room to try and keep my germs to myself. I had a fever on and off and was heavily medicating myself. I mostly napped and watched movies. Jim was on duty with the kids and was trying to keep everyone healthy. Saturday and Sunday the kids were coughing and congested but their normal selves. We decided to test them. Charlie was positive and Cora was negative. It was weird though because Cora was the one who was acting like she didn’t feel well. To top it off my mom called and both her and my dad were positive too. Remember their quick visit, they ended up with Covid courtesy of the Drury household.

By Monday, Memorial Day, I was feeling a bit better but would get tired easily. Cora was getting worse and was running a fever. By Monday night however, Cora was reading a very low temperature when we would use the thermometer. We decided to call the pediatrician’s emergency line because she was so sick and inconsolably crying. The nurse told us that with the symptoms she was experiencing that she could have sepsis. She told us to head to the nearest ER and get checked out. This was at 11pm at night. I had Covid so Jim took Cora to Peyton Manning’s Children’s Hospital to be evaluated. I felt so helpless being at home when my baby was sick. She ended up being fine and they think our thermometer is bad. She still tested negative for Covid but was diagnosed with another viral infection.

By Tuesday I was tired but feeling almost normal. Charlie was pretty much his normal self and daddy and Cora slept a lot since they were awake all night. But by Tuesday night, Jim was exhausted and felt sick. We tested him and of course, he came up positive. He called into work and he was given 5 days to get better. My work and I had worked out a deal where I would work from home the rest of the week to keep my germs to myself. I was scheduled to leave for a conference for work on Sunday and I had to be better by then. My focus was to rest and get well. Working from home with kids is hard. Working from home with a house full of sick people is worse. I was trying to work and get rest while keeping the kids entertained. I got a call from my boss and we talked about the conference. It was in Charleston, SC and I had been waiting 4 years to finally attend it. We decided if I didn’t test negative, I shouldn’t go. It had been 7 days, so I took a test just to see. I was negative! Wahoo! Charleston here I come!

By Thursday, Charlie tested negative as well. Now we were trying to get Jim well before my trip since he would have the kids. The kids had major cabin fever as they had been stuck in the house for a week. Friday and Saturday I prepped the house and myself for my trip. Charlie wanted to go on the trip with me and kept putting toys in my suitcase. It was so cute, but I finally had to give his “own bag” to pack. I flew out Sunday morning bright and early and landed in Charleston right before the conference started. Later that night, we were all at dinner when I got a text from Jim. His mom was not feeling well and they were headed to the hospital. We thought for sure we had brought her our Covid. She ended up being in the ER for 24 hours before she was diagnosed with a heart problem, but she was Covid free at least. My mother in law is in recovery now from a heart procedure and everyone in the Drury house is getting back to normal. Cora never did get Covid, or at least never tested positive. I am so glad we got through it without too much stress. It took us 2 weeks, but we defeated Covid.

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