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Back when I was a 20 something...

What I Miss About My 20s

1. Eating Whatever I Want – I use to eat Oreos for dinner and weighed 100 lbs. McDonald's at 4am and not a pound to show. Now I can look at Oreos or fries and gain weight. I guess I can technically still eat whatever I want, but the consequences are now visible.

2. Sleeping- I miss sleeping until 3pm and all through the night. There is something about a solid 12 hours of sleep that leaves you so refreshed that I will not get to experience again for many years.

3. Hanging Out with Friends - I use to hangout with friends all the time. Now, I see my besties for 3 hours every 2 months if we plan it just right. Many of my friends are now spread far across the state and all over the country. Plus hanging out takes planning and babysitters now.

4. Thinking About Myself First – Self Care - I am the last person I think about 95% of the time, unless I need to pee then nothing can stand in my way. I think this is hard for all moms because its our nature to put everyone else first.

5. Privacy and Alone Time – You don’t realize how important this is until someone is trying to look between your legs as you go the bathroom. I find myself sitting on my bed at night in complete silence just to enjoy some time alone. I savor my bathroom time at work because I am by myself and no one is asking me anything.

6. Netflix and Chill – I miss watching reality tv marathons in my bed all day. Now it takes me 4 days to watch an hour show and I do that maybe every twice a month.

7. No (very few) Responsibilities and Worries - All I had to worry about was me and that was plenty. Now I worry about everything and everyone. Should Charlie go to bed earlier? Does Cora drink enough water? Will Jim's knee be ok? How will we pay for private school? You get the picture. I miss being carefree!

8. How My Body Looked - In my 20s I was skinny and tight. I had no cellulite and not an ounce of fat on me. I miss that. I loved my flat stomach. I am glad there are photos because its not coming back.

9. Having Energy - I could stay out until 4am dancing and feel great. Now I live for caffeine and pray for bed. How did I ever survive college!

10. My Mazda Protégé- I guess its stupid but I loved that little black car.

What I Don't Miss About My 20s

1. Staying Up Late - Partying until 4am was a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of work. I love now that I have kids 10pm is late for me and I can get a full 8 hours on the weekends.

2. Binding/Tight Party Clothes - This is pretty self explanatory. Now that I am old and married, I can wear comfy clothes as I am not trying to impress anyone. Yeah! Goodbye heels!

3. Grad School - I am glad that I have my MBA, but I wouldn't want to be back in school now. I don't know how my mom got her MBA and had 2 small children. She rocks!

4. Drunks - I really don't miss sloppy drunk people that I have to take care of and drive home. I was always the DD and I am glad I don't have to worry about that shit now.

5. Online Dating - There maybe plenty of fish out there but there are many that have to be thrown back before you get a keeper. Online Dating was definitely full of surprises, good and bad, but I ended up finding my fish.

6. Entry Level Jobs/Pay - I am definitely thankful for where my career has taken me and I am happy with where I am. I may have a had a lot of jobs in the past but now I have a career and I am thankful.

7. Renting - I do not miss apartment life. I miss my roomies A LOT, but not the actual apartment. I love my house and I am proud to see how far my little house has come. I am also excited for the projects I have planned for the future...think Dream Kitchen!

8. Being Dumb with Money - God I was stupid to take out my 401k to live off of while I "got my life together." Still one of my biggest regrets. Lesson learned.

9. My 1st Engagement - Yes I was engaged before I married Jim. And yes he moved out while I was at work and never talked to me again after 5 YEARS, but as horrible as that whole experience was it made me a stronger person who knew what I wanted in life. This experience was one of the worst of my life but also turned out to be one of the best.

10. Drama - Girlfriend Drama, Boyfriend Drama, Work Drama, Money Drama. I feel like there was drama all around me in my 20s. Thank God I am too busy to even have drama now! Don't miss it!

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