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Baby #3???

I love my two kids. I wanted two kids. So, when I started to have pregnancy symptoms, I was a little concerned. It is also important to mention that I had a tubal litigation after my last pregnancy and so I “got fixed”. I was at work when I noticed my teeth were really sensitive and sore. My teeth get sensitive and sore before my period, so I really didn’t think anything of it, until I realized it was not time for my period. I immediately got a little bit nauseous because the only other time my teeth get sore is when I’m pregnant. My mind flashed back to when the doctor said that a tubal litigation is a great form of birth control but 1 in 200 people still get pregnant. Could I be the 1? I immediately tried to think of other reasons my teeth could be hurting. I had just gone to the dentist, but it was 5 days before and I hadn’t had any pain. When I was there, I did get the fluoride, but I get it every time and have never had pain. It was too early to take a pregnancy test, so I was kind of at a standstill. That night, I casually mentioned this to Jim. The color drained from his face, and he looked like he was going to faint. “Another baby?!?” He said. I told him that it was probably nothing because I had no other symptoms. And we went about our lives.

The next week at work we were thinking of baby names that start with “C” to keep the tradition going (Cooper, Charlie, and Cora) jokingly. My co-workers were teasing me that it could be triplets, but again it was to early to test so it was just a far-off possibility. Tuesday at work started like any other day. Around lunch time, I felt a headache coming on. Within minutes it turned into a blinding migraine with sensitivity t o light and sound. I can count on one hand the number of migraines I have had in my life. I had two when Charlie was a baby and one last month. The migraine I had last month, I got on a Sunday. I took Excedrin and took a nap, and I was better. I thought since I caught this migraine at the start and took Excedrin, I would get over it quickly. That did not happen. Jim had to pick me up from work as I had to cover my eyes. I went straight to bed when we got home. I laid there for hours before we decided we should head to the hospital. Jim took the kids to a sleepover and me to the hospital. We were there into the wee hours of the morning. I was hooked up to the “Migraine Cocktail” and given a CAT scan to rule out a brain bleed. They also asked if I could be pregnant, and we told them about my teeth. They did a test that came back negative, but it was still early to test. My migraine finally broke. We discussed the possibility of the migraines being hormonal and having to do with my cycle. The doctor told me to follow up with my family doctor in a week. When we finally got home, we were both so tired that we fell into bed, and I slept the entire next day.

Let me tell you that the migraine took it out of me. I was tired and loopy for days after. And just as I was getting back to normal, I hit my head really hard on my car door. I mean really hard; I saw stars. So, then my head was hurting again, and I was dizzy. I went into my family doctor for the migraine follow up and explained I hit my head and now I have the same symptoms from the migraine again. Turns out she thinks I had a mild concussion. And she gave me a pregnancy’s a no. I am not having baby #3, but I do have “Menstrual Migraines” and a bump on my head. I will be going on birth control to help alleviate them. Let’s just say it was a crazy two weeks. Have you ever had or known someone that has “Menstrual Migraines?”

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