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Amy Schumer Nude...

Bet that got your attention. I saw online that Amy Schumer, the comedian, posted a nude pic of her C-section scar. The picture was from the side and she was covering her breasts but you could definitely see her C-section scar. Nude photos don't bother me, in fact I myself like to be naked most of the time. What did bother me was people's reactions to her post. I saw vomit emojis and laughing emojis and people posting really nasty things. It got me thinking a lot. I have actually been thinking about this for the past few days. I wanted to put a brave emoji. It takes real guts to show people your after baby body.

Since having my kids I have been really self conscious about my body. I was always the ridiculously skinny girl that everyone hated and I never weighed more than 105. I never tried to be skinny; I just was naturally. I could eat anything and not gain a pound. It was awesome. Then I turned 28. People had warned me that my fast metabolism would catch up with me and that being an adult changes your body. Damn they were right! My metabolism slowed down and I gained weight. It was fine because I got a little butt I was proud of and my boobs jumped up as well, but I was still thin. Then came 2 babies via C-section. Both emergency C-sections and both hard on my body. After Charlie, my body bounced back pretty well. I did hold some weight in my mid section but I wasn't unhappy. Cora was a whole other story. She tore me up. My abs are a mess and I have diastasis recti. It means partial or complete separation of your six pack muscles ie. mommy pooch. I have a belly and a gnarly scar.

I weigh 160 lbs. I can't believe I am actually sharing my weight online. It's hard for me. The ideal weight for my height caps at around 155lbs. I am overweight. I never thought I would ever be in this category but here I am. I guess I am sharing this because I want to be brave too, like Amy. I want to show my body and be proud of it again. It has created 2 wonderful people and it deserves some respect. I guess you guys will be my accountability partners. Here's to being brave!


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