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A lot on my mind...

Sorry it's been a minute since my last post. I feel like I always have so many things on my mind that I can't sit down and pour them out. I decided that I would share with you the many things that go through my head in a 5 minute period. I set a timer and just wrote what my mind went to. With no further brain.

I need to take out the trash at work. Should we have McDonald's tonight? I need to remember Valentines for the kids and hubby. My ring needs cleaned. I don't want my blog to suck. We need canned fruit, especially oranges because Charlie cries when we don't have them. I like my dad. I wish I could spend more time with him. Why are my living room lights connected to Alexa? What's for dinner? How do other mom's meal plan? I suck at meal planning. I need to learn to use the air fryer. Jim is such a good cook. I hope I'm not failing at work because I'm really trying. Go away snow! Cooper smells and needs to get a bath. Call the groomer. I need to finish my taxes. I also need to do Jim's moms taxes. And her application for her apartment. I wonder why Cora has that weird diaper rash. I wish I had another room in my house. I don't have time for a blog. My car needs a wash bad. I hope my friend is having fun in Cali. I need to catch up on the Bachelor. Required minimum distributions.

These are just some of the random thoughts that are always going through my head day and night. What goes through your head? Try this 5 minute exercise and share.

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