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Sorry it's been so long since I last posted! I have been beyond busy. Let me catch you up.

Jim's Mom - My mother-in-law was having some heart issues and ended up getting a pacemaker put in. She was hospitalized for a while and then was released to a rehab hospital. She was only there a little over a week when she was back in the hospital due to neglect. She had gotten an infection and was working on a bed sore. It was awful. She was admitted to the hospital again for a few days and we found her a new rehab hospital in Greenwood. She had been there for a couple weeks when insurance decided she was not making progress and cut off her insurance. They did this on a Friday afternoon and told us she was getting kicked out, so we had to pay out of pocket for her to stay. We are now in the process of getting her on Medicaid so she can stay in the facility. We have come to the realization that she will need constant care and probably will never return to her independent living. The Medicaid process is infuriating and complicated. Plus, it takes 45 days for them to process the application! They want to know so much information and of course want documentation for everything she has ever done. Ahhhhh! Needless to say, that has taken a lot of our time and efforts the last 2 months.

Beth's CFP - Yup, don't forget that I am studying for my CFP certification. I started this course in May but with us getting Covid, I lost time studying and got behind. So now I have like 3 days to finish my 3rd course, or I have to pay an extension fee.

Charlie Starts School - Charlie is starting Kindergarten next week! I cannot believe it! We have been busy shopping for uniforms and school supplies. And there was a school meeting last night and we meet his teacher on Sunday. That means this weekend I will labeling and getting everything ready for school. I will update you on how the first day of school goes. I am sure there will be tears...from me!

Yard Sale - In between all of my regular cleaning and housework, I have also decided we need to purge and have a yard sale. I have been clearing out clothes and toys and we are getting rid of the changing table, rocker and crib. We are moving on from baby stage. This also means my garage is full to the brim with stuff to sell and you can barely walk in there. I am aiming for end of August or early September for the big sale. I'll keep you posted.

Surprise!!! - I have a big change I am making Saturday. Make sure to check back to see what I am up to. Thanks for reading!

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