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Taking time for Family Time...

I feel like I never have enough time to enjoy my family. Do you ever feel like that? With running errands, working, shuttling people to-and-fro, cooking, laundry and cleaning, I never get a chance to make memories. I feel like I am always running. Except this weekend, I did take time. We went to dinner and had ice cream as a family and the kids were good and we had fun. We also went to the game store with daddy and enjoyed touching every item in the place. Today we played in the snow. Snowball fights, sledding, catching snowflakes on our tongues...the whole nine. We had a blast. We all came in soak and wet and bright red, but it was time well spent.

When we have good weekends like this I always wonder why I don't make time for them more often. It's like the stars have to align right for us to have family time. The kids will only be little so long and they actually want to hangout with us now. I catch myself saying "when mommy's done with her chores we can play" or "once the house is cleaned up we can go to the park." But it seems like we never do. I want to play and go to the park, but I let the unimportant aspects of life get in the way. So what if the house is messy or I don't get to the store. Do those things really matter? What should matter is my family and of course they do but my brain tells me that I can't stop and have fun until everything is done. The problem is everything is never done. That means I do all the things that don't matter and then it's Sunday night and I have wasted my time with my kids.

I guess the things I am doing do matter. We have to have food to eat and clothes to wear so these chores have to be done. But, I have to prioritize "fun time" or I'll look up one day with a clean...empty house. So that's my new goal. I have to make time to relax and have fun with my family. Things will still have to get done, and I will do them but I will try harder to take breaks and play paw patrol with the kids and go to the park and play in the snow. How do you make time with your family?

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