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Law Breaker...

Hello! Sorry it’s been a month, but this studying thing is taking lots of time and I really haven’t had anything interesting happen. But now I am on the other side of the law and have a tale to tell.

It was a typical morning of trying to get out the door. The kids didn’t want to get dressed and as we were trying to get in the car Cora was running up and down the driveway with her bubble mower and Charlie kept saying “Tag me!” We finally get in the car and head our normal route to daycare. Our normal route involves driving by Grandma’s apartment, Beech Grove High School, and the Beech Grove Police station and Fire department. As we zoomed along down Churchman, I saw him, but it was too late to brake or slow down. The unmarked cop car pulled right behind me and turned on his lights. I pulled over and prepped the kids. “Mommy is getting pulled over, so we have to be real quite when the police officer comes up.” “You were doing 41 in a 25 zone” the officer said. “I’m sorry” I said. He asked for my license. Then he went back to his car. I was talking to the kids about how I was speeding and that I was going to get a ticket as my punishment. When the officer came back to my window, he handed me my ticket. Charlie starts yelling things out of his window at the officer about the sun and the moon. I said, "Excuse me...let the officer speak." Charlie rolls his window back up.

Here is the following conversation:

Officer: Where are you heading?

Beth: Daycare

Officer: Then where, work?

Beth: Yes

Officer: Where do you work?

Beth: Beck Financial Strategies on Fort Ben

Officer: So, you work for the government?

Beth: No

Officer: So, you work for the government?

Beth: Yes…(unsure)

Officer: Here is your ticket and choose the option for a trial…

Beth: Huh…

Officer: Choose that you want a trial, and I will waive the ticket. You will have to go to court, but I’ll have you in and out.

Beth: Thanks so much Officer!

I brushed arms with the law and came out on the other side. I will stand trial for my offense and let the justice system wheels turn. I have been rehabilitated and will no longer speed down Churchman in front of the police station again.

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