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Today Charlie started Kindergarten. He is attending Holy Name. He has been excited for weeks. We have been shopping for supplies, a lunch box, a backpack, new shoes, and uniform clothes. We have been to the school open house and back to school night. We have been talking about how to behave in school and to listen to the teacher. We have stressed the importance of not saying "up your butt and around the corner" at school...or really anywhere. We have been practicing wiping our butts by ourselves. There is a lot of preparation that has gone into this epic event.

Mommy prepared a lot too. She filled out the forms and saved up the money. Sent the shot records and read the kindergarten handbook. She waited patiently as I practiced wiping my butt and failing multiple times. She talked endlessly about not saying "poop" at school. She looked up lunch ideas on Pinterest. Mommy prepared a lot. We were ready for the first day!

We walked into the school and into Charlie's classroom and there was playdough on his desk. He went straight for the playdough and forgot about us. We kissed him goodbye and waved. As we left the school, both Jim and I had tears in our eyes. Our baby is in school, and we are so proud. I cannot wait to see Charlie tonight and hear about his day and his experiences. I am excited for him and look forward to an awesome first year. Go Giants!

P.S. - Charlie is holding a picture of his grandpa because he wasn't there to walk in with him as that was his grandpa's goal. Even though he passed away before he could take that walk, he was with Charlie all day though in spirit.

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