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I'm a mess...

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Hi! I'm Beth and I am a mess! I feel like a mom who just doesn't have it together. Do you ever feel like that? I thought that I would start to document my journey of motherhood to share with others so we can start to make being a "perfect mom" a thing of the past. I want to share my mom highs and my mom lows.

I am lucky enough to be the mother to Charlie, 4 and Cora, 1. They are literally the best. Charlie is smart and funny and loves McDonalds. Cora is sassy and has the best giggle. Even though I love them...they also can drive me bananas! (that's what I say to my kids when they are driving me up the wall...I say "You're driving my bananas!" Charlie proceeded to tell me I was driving him bananas the other day)

I chose "A Mess of a Mom" because I feel like after you have kids everything is a mess: your mind, your body, your house, your clothes, your mental health. Everything is turned upside down and you are just supposed to keep going like you know what you're doing. Well I don't know what I'm doing. There I said it. The cats out of the bag!

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