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Home Sweet Home

The first home I ever lived in was 839 N. Gray Street. It was the house my father grew up in and then purchased from his mother. It was the cool hangout house in it’s hay day and many of my family members and family friends have lived there at one time or another. There are so many stories and memories that we all share from having had amazing experiences in the same house that span many decades. I always felt like I was really cool because I had lived there too. I was a part of the history and memories that it held. It makes sense that one would have a strong connection to their own home, but what about other homes that have made an impact in your life. There are many homes that have impacted my life because of the feelings and experiences I had there and the people I shared them with. I always think of my Aunt Toni’s as Thanksgiving and starting the Cousins Club with my cousins. My aunt Lois’s house was always the spot for July 4th fireworks and epic games of tag.

My aunt and uncle are selling the house they have lived in for most of my life. I always remember it as a big, dark blue two-story house in Fishers. It’s no longer blue, but that is how I always picture it. When I learned that they were moving and selling the house, I was bummed. I love their house! I always wanted to live there as a kid because it was so different from my house. It had an upstairs which I have never had in my entire life. It had a loft that we would hangout in and a sun room, and for a period of time they had a pool. It was just the coolest. I was sad because I associate that house with some many good times. Countless sleepovers with my cousins. Christmas’ and Thanksgivings. The annual Indy 500 Race Party in May. Yard Sale days. I even had my baby shower for Charlie there and it was so beautiful. Their house sold in 24 hours and whoever bought it will make awesome memories there too, but their house will always mean so much to me and I will remember it fondly.

Another home that meant a lot to me was my best friend’s house. Her parents sold it a few years ago, but it was like my second home in high school. It was a beautiful brick home in Irvington that was a home to everyone. My best friend had the perfect, idyllic bedroom upstairs (what’s with me and two-stories) where we would paint our nails and do each others hair. We even dyed my best friend’s hair orange there...oops. We got ready for may dances there and would take pictures outside. There was a great hangout spot in the basement that was perfect for TGIF Fridays and MTV after school. Her mom always had home cooked meals that she would invite you to stay for. I had my wedding shower there. It was just a happy place that makes me smile when I think of it. I was disappointed when they sold it. Maybe even more so than my best friend. It will always remain in my mind as the perfect family home that exuded happiness.

Selling homes and moving on is inevitable. Time marches on. There are so many more homes that have impacted my life and I would be sad to see go, but more than anything, its the people in those houses that mean the most to me. These people have helped shape who I am and been a positive influence in my life. I hope that my house will impact someone’s life and that they will have fond memories of their times there. I want my home to be loving and inviting and a place people feel safe to be themselves. As they say, home is where the heart is.

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