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Ho Ho Holiday Décor...

There are some moms who decorate for every holiday/season and have cute dishes and mugs and signs and wreaths and there are other moms who never decorate and barely get a Christmas tree up. I am in between. I only use to decorate for Christmas and Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I go all out for it. I have decorations and décor in every room of my house. I even decorate outside...I have a giant inflatable Frankenstein. Christmas brings a tree and wreaths and lights. These holidays I think many people decorate for, but what about those moms who go all out every holiday. I have one mom in particular that is a Facebook friend of mine and she is a go all out mom. She has outfits and decorations and themed dinners. I am jealous. In my mind I have hit out of the park with a couple of gel clings on the windows, but I am in awe of her. How does she have the time to decorate and plan? Now I don't want you to think that I don't want to decorate for holidays and have cool décor and themed nights...I do I just don't have the time or energy or creativity that some of these other moms have.

I'm talking about the Easter and Thanksgiving and Valentines moms. The mom who has the house all green for St. Patrick's day and then has eggs and bunnies everywhere 2 weeks later for Easter. The mom with the wreaths on the door themed for every season and special day. I want to be that mom. Doing all of that would mean I totally have my shit together and know what month it is. I always dream of being that mom in the aisles of Target. They always have the seasonal stuff right by the doors; you walk in and bam it's Shamrocks and rainbows or bunnies and eggs. They always have the cutest stuff that makes me think...I should be a decorating mom. They have cute expensive signs that say Spring has Sprung and Thankful and Hoppy Easter. What always gets me are the cute hand towels. I want them for every season and holiday...they look so adorable. And guests use hand towels so they are bound to see how on your game you are. I want someone to be envious of me.

I don't think I'll ever be that over the top mom that makes it look so easy, but I think I can step up my game. I can be the gel clings, sign on the door, hand towels mom. It would mean I kind of have my shit together and these days I see that as a win!

So I wanna know where are you on the decorating spectrum? What holidays or seasons do you like decorating for? Is there a mom you long to be like? Let me know!!

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