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Happy Birthday!!!

Today we celebrate a very special birthday. No it’s not Charlie’s, that’s next week. Side note: He’s gonna be 5 OMG!!! No, today we are celebrating the 1st birthday of A Mess of a Mom! I have been blogging officially for 1 year today. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for reading and sharing and supporting this crazy idea I had. I have enjoyed sharing my life with you through my writings and videos. I find it very therapeutic to let you into my mess and to put some of my mess out into the world. My favorite part of blogging is hearing from you and starting discussions where everyone can feel safe sharing their opinions.

The goal of this blog is for moms to not feel so alone out there and see that we all face the same challenges of motherhood. Facing the challenges does not necessarily mean that we overcome them the same way, but we support each other in overcoming them. I wanted this blog to form a community of moms where everyone is accepted. My hope is that you can follow my crazy life and relate to the crazy. I want you to laugh and cry and be entertained and have a minute just for yourself.

We have accomplished a lot in 2021. Facebook has allowed me to find new moms and grow my page. We currently have 137 follows on Facebook and 133 likes. The blog website itself only has 6 subscribers so feel free to get on there and subscribe so you don’t miss anything. This year brought vlogging to the table. My goal is to do a lot more vlogging too. I want to venture into this relm and use my camera to share even more mess with you. I got tons of gear for Christmas so I’m all ready to share more Dollar Store hauls and even do some topical videos. By the time we reach our 2nd birthday, I would like to have 500 Facebook followers. That’s a big goal but I think it’s possible. I also want more interactions with followers. I want to hear from you. You guys are a wonderful support system, and I am excited to see where we can go in the future and what new hilarity will ensue.

I am still A Mess of a Mom just trying to figure this whole parenting/adulting thing out. There are many days I feel alone and like no one can understand what I am going through and then there are days when I share with you and don’t feel so alone. I am excited about what the next year will bring and hope that you will come along with me. Thanks for supporting my journey! Happy Birthday!!!


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