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Brain Dump...

Ahhhh! Where did February go!! This year is flying by! I had some fun blog ideas for February, but I have had so much going on I didn't get to write. I have been extremely busy at work, and I am totally fried by the time I get home. Plus, I started my last CFP course and I really want to get it done before May. I am shooting for the November test I think at this point. Anyways, I do this activity sometimes where I set a timer and share everything that is going on in my brain. So here we go...10 minutes on the clock...and go!

I should have made a Kroger pick up order...I don't know if we will make it to the store today. Kroger pick up is the best invention don't have to bring your kids inside a store...lifesaver. I wish there were more indoor playground options for winter...there are only so many times you can go to sky zone. What ever happened to Discovery Zone??? That place was the best and so fun. I wish Cora would finish potty training already...I am so done with diapers. She keeps regressing and it's driving me bananas. I am jealous of people with simple lives. I have a friend who has written multiple books and I am so jealous that I don't have time to do that. I have discovered Audible and love that....I can listen to books in the car and while doing dishes which is nice. That reminds me I have an audible credit I need to use. I was listening to Atomic Habits but it didn't grip me. I did listen to Dave Ramsey's new book Babystep Millionaires. It was an interesting look at Baby steps 4,5, and 6 which is a nice change for him. I need a bigger kitchen trash can...I feel like we empty it every 4 I also need a bigger bathroom trash can. Does anyone else have ants? They have been everywhere and we can't get rid of them. Cora calls them spiders. Its cute. I cleaned the refrigerator out yesterday and washed the shelves and bins...Jim asked me why I was doing it. I said have you never cleaned a fridge before and he said no. What? That is just weird to me. I am thinking about preschool for Cora when she is 4. I think she would do great in preschool. She is so bright. I need to meal plan. Crockpot ideas are always good. Easy prep is a must. I need to go to Half Price books and sell my old books and DVDS. A co-worker of mine is 23 and we were talking about burning CDs and she said I have never done that in my life...oh no I got old!

Well, that's 10 minutes of my thoughts. I know, there is a lot going on in that brain of mine. Stay tuned for more blog fun. I have some good ones I am working on. Talk soon!

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